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Azza Omran - Spanish language student

My name is Azza Omran, student at Inlingua Kuwait. I approached Inlingua because I’ve searched a lot & found that it’s one of the best & well-known institutions to learn languages. One of many things I liked was their nice & kind people with descent treatment. Ivana is my adorable Spanish teacher. She is that humble, skillful, friendly & amazing person. She is inspiring, she knows how to teach & also cares about the success of her students. What she teaches will help improve the language( Spanish) not just during the course, but beyond. The experience with Inlingua was more than great & I was more than pleased with my results.I would highly recommend Inlingua to people who are interested in learning languages.

Hamda Hamdan - English language student

‘Before I start my course in inlingua I thought I will never learn English but after that and with my two of perfect British teachers "Jassica and Zdena" I get better with my English , speak with confidence and it's really help me with my college study and thank you for the help.’

Ibrahim Mohamed - English language student

First, I would like to thank “inlingua” for giving me this great opportunity to be able to learn English by the easiest way to learn. Also I recommend everyone who wants to learn any new or foreign language to join “inlingua", because of their amazing treatment. Also they are treating us as brothers and sisters not as teacher and student.

Pedro Figuerola - English language student

Thank you very much for your wonderful lessons. I find them very helpful and the teachers are amazing. When I came to Kuwait my main problem was to understand spoken English and your classes helped me a lot. My English has improved significantly and become more fluent. I really appreciate the way you organize it.

Haider Fairouz - Spanish language student

My name is Haider Fairouz 46 years old from Kuwait joined inlingua institute in Spanish program as beginner in Kuwait in May 10 2015. It's a great opportunity to have a such reliable institute in Kuwait with different languages programs conducting by professional management and instructors who have highly qualifications along with warm and friendly atmosphere. In addition, I recommend everyone to join inlingua Spanish program due to simplicity and high technique in running the program that allow me to continue to upper levels in the future.

Ahmed Al Khayyat - English language student

Inlingua is one of the best English institutes I have ever studied at. The teaching method is efficient and practical. It focuses on speaking with native speaker teachers and lower student number in class in a comfortable studying environment. This has helped me improve my language effectively. It was a great opportunity and experience to study there. Thanks to inlingua for making it possible.

Ahmed Hussin Abu Elella Mohammed – English language student

The course is very good. Mr Ben is good teacher. I’m so happy to have this course. I would like to take another course. Thank you so much…..

Hany Gamal Helmy Nouh – English language student

The course is good. Teacher very good. Quality of course material very good. Classroom comfort and overall atmosphere very good.

Osama Ahmed Abouhesiba – English language student

I think inlingua in Kuwait is excellent. I take course in inlingua, this is very good. I want to take the next level with inlingua.

Amer Mouffak Baranbo – English language student

The teacher were good. The English 1B book is good. Usefulness is nice. I like to take the next level. I am hoping for next course.

Henea Zaky – English language student

inlingua in Kuwait is very good. I take course in inlingua. It is very easy and my teacher is very nice man. The course material is good.

Mohamed Morsi – English language student

Inlingua in Kuwait is excellent. My teacher is very nice and I understand everything. I want to take the next level with inlingua. Ability to maintain interest is good.

Taha Ahmed – English language student

Teacher very good. Quality of the course material very good. Overall atmosphere excellent.

Mohamed El Beshbishi – English language student

Inlingua it’s a very good crossing language. I loved this company. The teacher is very good. I want to complete with inlingua. Thank you for this company.

Amro Mohamed Salama – English language student

The company inlingua very good. I’m happy I studied with inlingua. The teacher is a good man.

Daniel Jiménez - English language student

I´ve been attending to company courses for years and I will always recommend inlingua. The teachers were all outstanding and the flexibility to fit to our changing schedule could not have been better. An excellent overall experience.

Ruba Al Barjas - Italian language student

First, I would like to thank all of Inlingua institute staff for allowing me to experience Italian language with a dedicated and wonderful teacher. In my opinion, Inlingua is the best institute in Kuwait. The teaching method is interesting and flexible. I'm very satisfied and happy with the outcome that I have achieved. I hope that one day my dream comes to true and speak fluent Italiano just like Italian natives (love Italia) ...

Maysoun Farhat - German language student

My name is Maysoun Farhat from Kuwait joined inlingua institute in Deutsche program as beginner in Kuwait in October 12,2015. In my opinion, Inlingua is the best institute in Kuwait. The teaching method is interesting and flexible special my teacher Mrs. Alexandra Schmidt she's skillful, friendly and amazing person. Also i recommend everyone who wants to learn any new language with native speaker teachers and comfortable studying to join Inlingua. It was a great experience to study there and i will continue.

Fala Al-Othman - Spanish Language Student

I've always wanted to learn a 3rd language. It was on the bucket list for a while and I just had to do it! Thanks to Google, Inlingua was listed, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to learn Spanish. I loved my class, it was a wonderful experience and it was nice to meet new people from different backgrounds. Maria is a great instructor. Patient, especially when we are completely confused at times. I've completed two parts of the first level, and hoping to continue. Adios!

Fay Khouder - Spanish Language Student

inlingua has benefited me in many ways. Learning the basics of the Spanish language by taking the A1 class has enriched my mind and motivated me to work harder on myself. Furthermore, it helped me enhance my communication skills due to the large amount of interaction in class. This skill is a major skill I will need in order to succeed in the future. If anyone is interested in learning a language, I recommend inlingua, for every individual is there to help you for every step of the way!

Basayel Bonashi - German Language Student

I started my interest in learning the German language long time ago. I just couldn’t get the chance to learn it and I couldn’t speak one word. After looking and asking for the right place I have found that inlingua is the best place to start. In less than 27 hours I am able now to form sentences and communicate with German people. inlingua provides the right atmosphere to learn a new language. Also, the instructors are really helpful and well experienced. I am certainly thinking of completing my journey in learning German here in inlingua. Thank you.

Mahdi Ben Moosa - French Language Student

My name is Mahdi Ben Moosa. I have studied the French course of level A1 at inlingua. I found it really interesting. The atmosphere, teaching and colleagues were amazing. I would recommend inlingua to anyone who is willing to learn a language.

Nidhin Mathew - German Language Student

I am Nidhin Mathew, from India. I enjoyed studying language at ScorePlus, Kuwait. Thanks to ScorePlus, I have learnt so much in such a short time. The effort, my instructor put into this period of time to help me was amazing, which made to improve my language skill in Germany. My instructor Mrs. Gabriela was very supportive and very easy to approach. It was pleasure to be in with a bunch of students from around Kuwait. The staff in ScorePlus were always tried to make the students more comfortable so that they can achieve their goals. I thank.

Yousef Sebzali - Italian Language Student

I was planning on staying in Kuwait for a month and needed to catch up on Italian and inlingua was great in that they sorted everything out very quickly and accommodated my schedule well. Mariantonietta (my tutor) was great in making me feel comfortable. She incorporates Italian culture in an interesting way. I cannot wait to travel to Italy and show my new skills. I would not hesitate to recommend inlingua to anyone!